Terezin Memorial Tour (6 hours)

On this tour, you will visit the town of Terezin (Theresienstadt in German), whose one part was used in WWII as the only Jewish concentration camp situated on the Czech territory and another part as a horrible Gestapo police prison.
The Terezin Ghetto played a unique part in the Nazi German propaganda, being cynically introduced to the outside world as a place donated to the Jews by Hitler in order to protect them from hardship of the war. Here, in one of the most terrible transit camps of Europe, 34.000 people died of hunger and diseases. The vast majority of the Terezin inmates were deported to Auschwitz and other extermination camps from which they never returned. Today, Terezin stands as a memorial to human suffering that must not be forgotten.
On our private tour, I will show you all the important places of Terezin. We will have enough time for a detailed visit to the very informative and modern Ghetto Museum.
Terezin is a painful testimony to the insanity of the Nazi regime. But, at the same time, you will hear amazing life stories of Terezin survivors which reveal the tremendous strength of the human spirit.

Some of the places you will see:

The Small Fortress of Terezin

We will visit the former Gestapo police prison in which the opponents to the Nazi occupying forces suffered under inhuman conditions. You are going to see the cells where dozens of prisoners were freezing and dying of hunger and torture. More than 250 people were executed here.

The National Cemetery

The largest cemetery of Terezin was built between 1945 and 1958. Altogether, some 10.000 bodies of the victims of the Small Fortress and the Ghetto were buried here. Most of them were discovered in mass graves in the ramparts or in the surroundings of Terezin.

The Ghetto Museum

It was established in 1991 to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of deportations of Jews to Terezin. Its exhibition shows the testimonies of the Holocaust survivors and in a touching way, the children of Terezin are commemorated.
In the Magdeburg Barracks, you will find a typical Ghetto room and an artwork exhibition.

The Prayer Room from the Ghetto time

This unique little synagogue which was made by the prisoners of the Terezin Ghetto is a moving testimony to their prayers and hopes. It stayed undiscovered for many decades, until the 1990s. Unfortunately, its decoration was heavily damaged by a flood in 2002.

The Crematorium at the Jewish Cemetery

Due to the high mortality rate in the camp, the cemetery ground was no longer sufficient and in 1942, the Nazis put a crematorium into operation. It had been built by the Ghetto prisoners by the order of the Nazi German leaders of the camp. Some 30.000 bodies of deceased were cremated here.
The visit to Terezin lasts approximately 4.5 hours (+1.5 hours the journey from Prague and back). We will see all the interesting spots of the camp, including those which are not covered by most group tours. I would like to advise you to take your own snack, as there is only a little café in the Ghetto Museum which offers a limited range of refreshments.

Option A – Terezin for groups of 1-6

I will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to Terezin in my own car. On the way back, I will take you back to the hotel or any other place in Prague according to your wish.
Price of the tour (you pay as a group and you share the price):
Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 120 136 3,000
3 – 4 people 160 182 4,000
5 – 6 people 200 227 5,000
The price includes: Private transport, pick-up + drop-off, private guide, all entrance fees

Option B – Terezin with a private car, minivan or bus

On this tour, we will have a private vehicle with a driver.
We will pick you up at your hotel and at the end of the tour, you will be taken back to your hotel, or, upon your wish, to the city centre.
Price of the tour (you pay as a group and you share the price):
Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 240 273 6,000
3 – 4 people 270 307 6,750
5 – 6 people 300 341 7,500
More people On request
The price includes: Private transport, pick-up + drop-off, private guide, all entrance fees