T2 – The Old Town and the New Town (3 hours)

This tour covers a major part of the highlights of both the oldest historic town of Prague and the most recent one. The Old Town is a labyrinth of narrow streets with stunning Gothic churches, towers and Baroque palaces. In the New Town, you will admire the subtle beauty of the Art-Nouveau architecture. Its squares and avenues offer beautiful passages with cafes, stores, pubs and clubs and stream with people all day long.

Highlights of the Tour:

The New Town

We will start this tour in the Wenceslas Square which is dominated by the splendid building of the National Museum. Here, in the most important public space of Prague, the Velvet Revolution took place in 1989. We will see the famous Art Nouveau hotels of the square and then, we will enjoy a walk along the On the Moat street, one of the major boulevards of our city with fancy boutiques in lavishly decorated buildings.

The Republic Square

While enjoying the beauty of the decoration of the Municipal House, you will learn about the history of this most important Art Nouveau building of Prague. Through the Gothic Powder Tower which in the past used to be part of the fortification wall, we will enter the Old Town.

The Old Town

Walking through the ancient customs court named Tyn, we will enter the Old Town Square. Once a market, this natural heart of the historic Prague is more than a thousand years old. Dominated by the mighty Tyn Church, the square shows buildings from all the different periods of time.

The Historic Town Hall

The oldest town hall of Prague has become very popular because of its Astronomical Clock, the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. I will reveal its secrets and legends to you. We will also see the New City Hall, the seat of the Mayor of Prague nowadays, and the immense building of the former Jesuit college named Clementinum.

The Charles Bridge

There is something magical about the Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge of Prague. You will find out how it was built and hear some of its mysterious legends.
We will enjoy a lovely view of the Prague Castle panorama from the bridge.
We will finish our tour here.
Please note: This tour does not include the Jewish Quarter. This part of the Old Town is covered by T11.
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Transport: Walking
Interior visits: Churches of the Old Town, passages of the New Town
Entrance fees: None

Price of the tour:

Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 75 81 1,800
3 – 4 people 90 99 2,160
5 – 6 people 105 114 2,520
7 – 9 people 120 132 2,880
Bigger groups On request