T8 – The Little Town in Detail (2.5 hours, summer time 3 hours)

Come and take a romantic walk through the ancient streets of the most picturesque Prague’s town. The Little Town, the second oldest town of Prague, dates back into to 13th century. You will enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the Prague Venice and hear stories of the people living here in the times gone by, see the stunning St. Nicolas Church and (in the summer time) stroll through the lovely gardens of the Little Town. We will pay a visit to the miraculous Baby Jesus and pass by the Lennon Wall, a symbol of people’s longing for freedom a love.

Highlights of the Tour:

The Waldstein Palace

Today the seat of the Czech Senate, this largest palace of the Little Town has an impressive garden (accessible from April to October). You will hear the interesting but tragic life story of its original owner, Albrecht von Waldstein. The interior of the palace can be visited at weekends.

The Vrtba Garden

In this Baroque gem of a garden, you will be spared the crowds. You will have plenty of time to enjoy magnificent views of the romantic red roofs of the Little Town and the overwhelming St. Nicholas Church. Then, we can visit its interior of walk up its clock tower.
(The garden is accessible from April to October.)

The Baby Jesus of Prague

Named the Infant Jesus of Prague as well, this miraculous statue of little Baby Jesus has been attracting Catholique devotees from all over the world. We will visit the simple church which has become one of the most important Czech pilgrimage sites. You will hear the history of Baby Jesus and visit a little museum of its garments.

The Kampa Island

From this place which is full of peace and romance, we will enjoy the views of the River Vltava, the Charles Bridge and the National Theatre. We will discover a unique church where time has stopped and marvel at the beauty of the Baroque houses and palaces.

The Lennon Wall

This brightly coloured wall is a testimony to Prague’s recent past and a favourite meeting point of free-thinking people. You will find out why this wall is different every day and if we are lucky, we will hear a street musician playing the famous John Lennon’s songs.
Duration of the tour: Duration of the tour: 2.5 hours, summer time 3 hours
Transport: Walking
Interior visits: St. Nicholas Church - interior or clock tower
The Church of the Baby Jesus of Prague
The Waldstein and the Vrtba gardens – April to October
Entrance fees (to be added to the price of guiding):
  • St. Nicholas Church - interior:
    • adults - 4 EUR/ 5 USD/ 100 CZK
    • children 3 EUR/ 3 USD/ 60 CZK
  • St. Nicholas Church - clock tower:
    • adults - 8 EUR/ 9 USD/ 190 CZK
    • children 5 EUR/ 5 USD/ 130 CZK
  • Vrtba Garden (April-October)
    • adults - 5 EUR/ 5 USD/ 120 CZK
    • children 4 EUR/ 4 USD/ 85 CZK

Price of guiding:

Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 63 68 1,500
3 – 4 people 75 83 1,800
5 – 6 people 88 95 2,100
7 – 9 people 100 110 2,400
Bigger groups On request