T11 – The Best of Jewish Prague (only April to October, 3.5 hours)

This tour will show you all the important sights of Jewish Prague. In the Old Town’s Jewish Quarter, we will explore its numerous synagogues, the Shoah Memorial and the famous Old Jewish Cemetery. You will see the native house of Franz Kafka. In the most beautiful synagogue of the New Town you will learn about the rich but tragic history of the Jewish community of Prague.

Highlights of the Tour:

The Synagogues of the Jewish Quarter

We will first visit the beautiful Maisel Synagogue and later, in the Pinkas Synagogue, we will remember the victims of the Shoah. We will see the oldest active synagogue of Europe, the Old-New Synagogue, which dates back into the 13th century, and you will learn about its interesting history and legends.

The Old Jewish Cemetery

We will take a walk of this amazing ancient cemetery with 12,000 tomb stones, which belongs to the oldest and largest Jewish burial grounds in the world. I will show you the tomb of the famous scholar and philosopher Rabbi Low, the creator of the legendary Golem.

The Spanish Synagogue

After a short walk along the elegant Art Nouveau Paris Street, we will visit the synagogue which is believed to be the most captivating one in Prague. Its Moorish style interior decoration is simply wonderful. The synagogue also houses a rich collection of Synagogue Silver Art.

The Old-New Synagogue

Famous as the oldest active synagogue of Europe, this synagogue dates back into the 13th century. It has an overwhelming, sober Early Gothic interior. One of the many legends related to this place claims that the Golem of Prague is sleeping below its roof.

The Jerusalem Synagogue

In the New Town, we will visit the beautiful Jerusalem Synagogue (also known as the Jubilee Synagogue) and its permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Prague Jewish Community.
Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours
Transport: Walking, metro, tram (tickets included)
Interior visits: The historic Jewish Quarter – Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue (the Shoah Memorial), Klausen Synagogue, Ceremonial Hall, Spanish Synagogue, on request the Old-New Synagogue. The Jerusalem Synagogue in the New Town.
Entrance fee (to be added to the price of guiding):
  • The Jewish Museum - Maisel Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Klausen Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery:
    • Adults: 14 EUR/ 16 USD/ 350 CZK
    • Students and children: 10 EUR/ 12 USD/ 250 CZK
  • The Jewish Museum + the Old-New Synagogue (joint ticket):
    • Adults: 22 EUR/ 24 USD/ 530 CZK
    • Students and children: 15 EUR/ 17 USD/ 370 CZK
  • The Jerusalem Synagogue:
    • Adults: 3 EUR/ 4 USD/ 80 CZK
    • Students and children: 2 EUR/ 2.5 USD/ 50 CZK

Price of guiding:

Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 65 74 1,625
3 – 4 people 77 88 1,925
5 – 6 people 100 114 2,500
7 – 9 people 112 127 2,800
Bigger groups On request