T13 – Franz Kafka and Prague (3.5 hours)

Are you a fan of Franz Kafka’s work? Or do you just want to discover who the man was whose piercing eyes stare at you from T-shirts and cups in every souvenir shop?
Franz Kafka, a German-writing Jewish writer, died in 1924 at the age of only 40. He had wanted his work to be burnt. But, against his will, his novels were published and he has become one of the most famous world’s writers. While some people describe his writing style as incomprehensible and depressive, others find it fascinating, disturbing and witty. Yes, Kafka’s books are not an easy reading. They require lots of thinking and reflection.
On this tour, you will see the places which played a crucial part in Kafka‘s life. I will show you where his famous novels and short stories were written. You will learn lots of facts about his family and relationships that influenced on his work and, by means of old pictures, you will experience the Prague of Franz Kafka’s time.

Highlights of the Tour:

Kafka and Prague - uneasy relationship

Franz Kafka spent almost his entire life in Prague and it was both his home and his prison. "Prague won't let you go, this little mother has claws," once he wrote to his friend. We will see his native house and the ones in which he grew up, his schools and the places he used to meet his friends.

Kafka’s family and friends

Kafka’s parents and sisters had an immense influence on his life. He loved them, but he was unable to fulfil their high expectations. The ambiguous relationship with his father was a source of the oppressive tension that runs through his stories and novels. We will talk about his friends and women as well.

Kafka’s constant moves

The Kafka family changed address many times throughout Franz‘s childhood because of his father’s business. Later, as an adult man, he moved a lot in search of complete quiet for his writing. In a busy city, this was not an easy thing to achieve. We will see the houses in which he lived and wrote his stories.

Franz Kafka’s burial site

We will take a short metro ride to reach the New Jewish Cemetery. There, we will find the tomb of Franz Kafka and his family. We will admire many precious masterpieces of funeral art and remember other famous people buried here.

Kafka and our time

Franz Kafka’s work has been a source of inspiration to many artists. On our way, we will meet some of the modern monuments dedicated to Franz Kafka in today’s Prague.
Duration of the tour: 3.5 hours
Transport: Walking, metro (tickets included)
Interior visits: None
Entrance fees: None

Price of the tour:

Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 88 95 2,100
3 – 4 people 105 116 2,520
5 – 6 people 123 133 2,940
7 – 9 people 140 154 3,360
Bigger groups On request