T12 – Prague: Fascinating History of Architecture (3 hours)

This tour invites you to discover the incredible variety of Prague’s architecture. During the 11 centuries of its history, each era left its traces here, so that Prague has become an intriguing mixture of many different architectural styles. If you are experts of architecture, Prague will be a feast for your eyes. And if you are simply amazed by the beauty of the city and want to understand the history behind it, I will be very glad to guide you on this fascinating path of time, from the ancient times until our days.

Highlights of the Tour:

The oldest preserved buildings of Prague were built in the Romanesque style. As they are hiding among other buildings or in the underground, trying to find them is a little bit of adventure. But this is where it all started…
In the time of Gothic, Prague experienced its first time of glory under the emperor Charles IV. He was the one who gave us such monuments as the St. Vitus cathedral, the Tyn Church or the Charles Bridge. Thanks to its numerous fairy-tale-like towers, Prague is nicknamed as “the city of a hundred spires”.
The period or Renaissance was influenced by Italian nobility and left many elegant palaces and houses in the city. In the Baroque era, the triumph of the Catholic Church in the 30-year-war came to expression. Amazing churches overflowing with sculpture, colourful frescoes and gold are characteristic of this style.
In the 19th century, the architecture often turned to the past, using the previous styles in a new approach. It was the time of Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Gothic, and Neo-Classicism etc. But, by the end of the century, a wave of the French Art Nouveau takes command of the city’s architecture. Brilliant artists and designers as Alfons Mucha gave the special character to this very decorative style.
The dramatic history of the 20th century reflects very much in the city’s architecture. We will see some unique Cubist buildings from the years before WW1, examples of the inter-war Functionalism and of Socialist Realism of the post-war time. We will see the most famous Postmodernist building of Prague, the Dancing House.
Duration of the tour: 3 hours
Transport: Walking
Interior visits:
  • churches and passages of the Old Town and the New Town

Price of guiding:

Amount of people EUR USD CZK
1 – 2 people 75 81 1,800
3 – 4 people 90 99 2,160
5 – 6 people 105 114 2,520
7 – 9 people 120 132 2,880
Bigger groups On request