Experience the very best of Prague on a bespoke private tour with a fully-licensed and professional guide.
Dear Travellers,
Welcome to Jana Prague Tours.
I am a fully-licensed guide of Prague and I have been conducting tours of this beautiful city since 2004. Not only do I live in Prague, but I am passionate about its history and lovely architecture. Having gained lots of experience on group tours and on private tours as well, I am sure that private tours are the best way to enjoy this charming city.

Why a private tour?

The tour is exclusively yours, so you can enjoy it in a friendly and personal atmosphere. We can stop anywhere you like so that you can see all you want to see. Of course, we can take a break any time you feel tired and you will have plenty of time for your questions.
Your tour will be in English and only English. So unlike usual group tours, you won’t be standing around listening to the guide rushing through the information in other languages. That means, you’ll see and learn much more of the city at a more relaxed pace.
I am a passionate story teller and I will do my best to create a colourful picture of Prague in your memory. I will tell you stories and legends from the city’s past and give you useful tips and tricks to make an absolute most of your stay in Prague.
Whether you are a first-time visitor or you have been to Prague before and you are coming back to discover something new, I believe that in my set of Tours, you will find the right one for you. And if you already have some ideas of what you want to see and do, I will be happy to prepare a tailor-made tour on your demand.
I offer some special tours as well, related to Prague’s architecture, famous people and history, and one particular tour out of Prague, to the Terezin Memorial.
I can take you to other interesting places of the Czech Republic as well. .
It will be a great pleasure for me to share my love for Prague and my detailed knowledge of this unique city with you.